Business Development Isn’t Just for Small Business: Big Boys can Play Too

Why larger companies are looking at outsourcing business development in today’s marketplace. 

With contracts taking longer and longer to come to fruition, the days of in house business developers may be quickly coming to an end…even for large companies. In today’s economy, even the big boys cannot justify the overhead of a full-time business development specialist. With salary ranges of $120-175k plus benefits, taxes, and expense reimbursements, a company can end up paying upwards of $250k per year for an experienced business developer. Who can afford that?

More and more companies are turning to outsourced business development firms, like Springboard, to ask, “How can we do this at less cost while hitting all the key areas?“ It’s simple; at Springboard we’ve taken what we’ve always done for smaller businesses to the larger market.  We expanded and brought in more talent to give larger corporations the access, the exposure, and the opportunities they need based on their budget.

Just look at the bottom line!

What your large corporation used to pay in terms of salary for a single business development specialist can now be used to outsource 3-5 high-level business development experts. That is what we offer at Springboard. We know the more ears, eyes, and feet you have out in the marketplace the more opportunities we will find and you will win.

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Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Springboard offers outsourced sales solutions for businesses in the professional services arena. Our approach to business development makes it easy to find new clients without the financial  burden of an in-house business developer.

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