What We Do


Regardless of the size of your business we can provide the talent necessary to grow your business.  We’re not a staffing company.  We are your business development team.  We utilize leverage and agility to represent several companies at any one time on a part time basis in the market’s where you need us to be.  Because of our leveraged team approach we get more done in the span of a month than the overwhelming majority of full time business development professionals and at a fraction of the cost with greatly reduced risk to the organization.

Many companies ask, “just what is Outsourced Business Development?”

Business Development is about building long term happy client relationships.  It’s our job to help you increase your name recognition and exposure in the markets you serve, create partnerships that feed opportunities for years to come, open doors to the decision makers that need your services and help you to close the deal.  Our clients are great at what they do and they are great at showcasing their value they just don’t have the time, desire or want to allocate the resources necessary to build and manage the pipeline themselves.  If you want to increase your revenue, reduce your overhead, increase the number of “A” clients and build long term client relationships Springboard is your team.

How does it work?

There is no secret sauce.  We have highly successful, experienced, well known business development professionals on our team.  They are out in the communities in which you serve everyday sourcing opportunities for Springboard clients.  They know who’s looking for what products and services and can bring your specialties to the attention of top decision makers.  These team members have crafted their skills and their databases over decades. While each client relationship is a little different, all of Springboard clients are on a monthly retainer (some are a retainer plus commission), most of our retainers include the basic expenses. We build the retainer based on 3 things: desired target markets, client budget, ability to provide a winning outcome.

How we’re different?

At Springboard, it’s not about one person, it’s about the team.  You aren’t reliant on one person’s scheduling abilities, network, or experience.  We are relationship builders, we are hunters and we work together for the benefit of all our clients.  Based on your needs and your budget we’ll craft a team that is fully entrenched in your markets, who understand your product or service, who can clearly deliver your value proposition and have the ability to bring opportunities quickly.

What We Don’t Do

It’s not in anyone’s best interest to cram a square peg into a round hole.  If, as our client you are not the right fit for a prospect, we walk away.  It’s our job to bring you clients that have a need for the service or product your provide, not to bring you someone that feels pressured to work with you, will ultimately cancel the relationship and create unnecessary negative perceptions of your company in the marketplace.  A little bit of revenue is not worth the long term effects of a bad relationship.  At Springboard, it’s our job to bring you long term, happy client relationships.