Business Development Services


Outsourced Business Development:

We are your business development team. At Springboard, we develop the winning team to help you gather intelligence, create relationships, connect with decision makers and win new business. Depending on the size of our client, their resources, and their desired markets we can staff one person or several to be the primary client relationship manager(s) however at any given time other members of the team may be utilized to support our specific efforts. It’s our job to identify opportunities, increase name recognition, build teaming relationships, connect with decision makers, prepare you for “technical presentations”, gather data, manage the pipeline and position you to grow.

Building a Business Development Department

Whether your Business development team is brand new or experienced, Springboard can help build a winning Business Development process. Our assessment process gets to know your business developer, what drives them, how they work and where the roadblocks are to their success. We also identify the gaps in the existing business development process and structure. Based on our assessment we build the procedures and processes necessary to boost the productivity of your business development team. Those changes along with ongoing mentoring of the team ensure a successful transition.

The Transition from Technical to Relationship Builder

It is not uncommon to see a highly technical person thrown into the responsibility of developing and managing new client relationships. This can be an incredible challenge to someone who has always focused on the task at hand and truly isn’t sure how to build a connection with a prospect without being viewed as the “dreaded sales person”. Whether it’s one on one mentoring or in a group setting, Springboard can help to erase the concerns about “selling” and position your junior level partner or technician for successfully building new client relationships.