Meet Springboard


Karin Schwartz on Linkedin

With more than 2 decades of experience, Springboard CEO Karin Schwartz can quickly identify business development challenges that are keeping you from growing your revenue. Whether it is a lack of process, resources, communication or people, Karin has the insight and knowledge to rapidly identify gaps, create efficient strategies to develop new opportunities and move them through the pipeline into new business. As an entrepreneur who quickly grew her business, Karin is focused on helping others reach their maximum potential.

Since July 2008, Springboard clients have included federal government defense and intelligence focused technology/engineering contractors, professional services firms and construction firms with revenues from $2-100 million.  Karin, together with the Springboard team of consultants, provide extensive business development support as well as mentoring/ consulting for business development teams and junior level business developers.

The Springboard team of outsourced business developers specialize in specific areas: commercial, healthcare, energy, defense, aviation, transportation, intelligence, etc. Each member of the team has a minimum of 20 years serving the community and the mission, have extensive networks and know how to position you to win business.