FAQ’s Retainer plus Commission?

Answering your questions, please send us any additional questions you may have at kschwartz@springboardbizdev.com

Why do you do retainer plus commission?

If you hired a full time business developer with experience, relationships and a process that works you’re starting at a bare minimum salary of $120,000 plus benefits, taxes and expense reimbursement which you should expect to be a minimum of $1500 per month plus membership fees.  In grand total a minimum of $160,000 and that’s before any sales and commissions.  Our minimum is less than 1/3 this amount and typically includes our expenses – our memberships, mileage, event fees, lunches, phones, overhead, etc.  That retainer guarantees you a minimum amount of time.

The commission is the success fee.   If our connection got you the opportunity to work with that decision maker and a deal comes from it there is a commission paid.  It’s paid on paid and on the total contact amount.  The rate varies based on services provided.  The structure is the same as hiring full time just a lot less expensive and in most cases we get more done faster.