Paying it Forward – Giving Referrals Without Expectations

Business referrals are a game of give and take, right? Well, not quite – at least not at first. When you begin to establish business connections, you should give referrals without any kind of expectations. This is a crucial step in building a successful business network. Giving referrals without expecting anything in return will help build trust and foster a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

It is the law of reciprocity: A person will do some good for you in return for some good you have done for him/her.

It’s a crazy system, but the more you give referrals without expecting any returns, the higher your chances of getting referrals when you need them most. Remember, you receive referrals in three ways:

1.   Direct referrals from people in your business network.

2.   Referrals resulting from the referrals you received from #1.

3.   Word of mouth, which can once again be tied back into #1. If you treat others with respect and show them kindness, they will likely return the favor – either directly (referrals) or indirectly (word of mouth).

Once that starts happening, the momentum is with you. People do business with other people that they know, like, and trust. So get out there and start cultivating mutually beneficial business relationships!

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