Networking Meaningfully with LinkedIn

Here at Springboard, we’re committed to doing what it takes to expand your company faster than a balloon on a helium tank, and our team of experienced business development professionals can help make that possible. Though our sales experts are multi-faceted in their approaches to helping you garner new clientele, we recognize that one very effective platform for business expansion is social media.

Whether or not you’ve committed yourself and your company to keeping up with the technological times in terms of establishing a social media presence, there are some important factors to consider about online networking. Join us as we take a closer look at one such site – LinkedIn – and evaluate the ways in which it can be beneficial to your professional life.

LinkedIn’s website declares that its mission is “to help you be more effective in your daily work and open doors to opportunities using the professional relationships you already have.”

Some of our clients feel a little personally overwhelmed by social media platforms like LinkedIn, weary of the amount of time it will cost to manage them effectively. With LinkedIn in particular, people have a tendency to take their professional networking too far, connecting with as many people in their industry or a related one as possible – even those that live thousands of miles away who they’ll probably never meet in person, nor strike up significant business relationships with.

If you choose to build a personal or company profile on LinkedIn, be sure to connect meaningfully: that is, show some discretion. Don’t connect just for the sake of expanding your numbers, but do so with intentionality. When you reach out to someone online, take a moment to send him a personal note, letting him know why you’d like to connect. Did you meet him at an in-person networking event? Say so. Did your colleague refer you to her as a valuable consultant for advice? Let her know. The few minutes that you designate to do this will make you memorable, and will leave a favorable impression of you in your new connection’s mind.

Below are a few of our favorite reasons to sign up for LinkedIn today and get active. It allows you to:

  • Stay in touch with a large number of people
  • Conduct industry-related research
  • Share pertinent information that showcases your value
  • Create new connections

So go ahead, take our advice here at Springboard and spring into action on those social media networking sites – just be sure to do so meaningfully!

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