Missing in Action

Well, I’d love to tell you some grandiose story about my travels but quite frankly it wasn’t that glamorous.  Yes I’ve been AWOL from the blog for a few months – about 6.  I’m back and hopefully for good now.  My maternity leave ends on February 24th and I’ll be back to work full time.  Our daughter Devyn Ryleigh was born on December 19th and I have to say the pregnancy was an extremely difficult one – which explains my absence.  I was so sick with this one that I was able to do just enough before passing out each day.  Our consultants have been taking excellent care of our clients while I’ve been gone and now that she sleeps consistently during the day I’m able to do some catch up before I return full time.  Such is life for the self employed, right?  There really is no maternity leave when you own a business.  Thankfully she arrived just before the holidays so for the first couple of weeks there was little to keep up with, but these last couple of weeks I’m answering emails and voice mails, getting on conference calls and hoping she stays asleep for the 3 hours I’m on the phone – and for the most part she’s done great.  I’m lucky, she’s almost 7 weeks old and for the past week she’s been sleeping 7-9 hours each night.  I can’t imagine what I’d do if she wasn’t such a good sleeper!