Teaming…it’s not just for Contracts anymore :: Business Development Tips

At Springboard, we found many of our clients selling to government contractors who started to ask if we could help them.  But since business development in the commercial and government markets is such a vastly different processes, we originally said no.  That was until we created our Business Development Team.

We found that teaming isn’t just for our clients, but it was for us as well.  Our clients were asking for help in multiple agencies, multiple locations all of whom seemed to have events and projects due at the same time requiring our members to pick one versus the other.  As much as we would like to, we could not be in two places at once. Until now!

When we decided to try the team approach we realized we could be present in all our target markets at the same time with no additional cost to the client.

The Benefits of Springboard’s Business Development Team

At Springboard, we utilize leverage and agility to represent several companies at any one time on a part time basis in the market’s where you need us to be.  Because of our leveraged team approach we get more done in the span of a month than the overwhelming majority of full time business development professionals and at a fraction of the cost with greatly reduced risk to the organization.

So, is it possible to be all things to all people? In this case yes!

If you have any questions about Springboard’s Business Development Team, please contact Springboard Business Development by calling 410-832-7560 or click here today!

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Springboard offers outsourced sales solutions for businesses in the professional services arena. Our approach to business development makes it easy to find new clients without the financial burden of an in-house business developer.

At Springboard we know sales!

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