So, who do you work with?

When we started the company almost 5 years ago our clients were very small professional services firms.  There’s nothing like starting a company several months before one of the largest economic downturns this country has ever seen and yet we’re still here today.  Over the years we’ve refined our business model and our target markets where now we represent professional services firms and government contractors in the $2-50,000,000 revenue range.  We’ve found that our sweet spot is $5-30,000,000.

Originally we only worked with professional services firms but around here everyone targets government contractors and they started asking “Can you do this for us?”  Originally I said no, it wasn’t our model and it would mean learning an entirely new business practice and you can just forget about learning all the acronyms.  Eventually we found the team that exists today that allows us to offer top notch service to our government contracting clients.

You’ve probably read our customer rants blogs but here’s why people come to work with us – we give them the strategic business development executive they want at the price they can afford specific to their target market/s.  It may be commercial, Federal government, state and local; it may be in NYC or it may be here in the DC metro area.  We’ll be the first to tell you if we’re not the right fit.  We have a Client Acceptance Protocol that helps us determine right fit clients and I’m accountable to the operations team and my business coach to ensure we aren’t bringing on anyone outside the parameters.

To see if outsourcing your business development needs makes sense, give us a ring at 410-832-7560, ask for Karin.