Springboard CEO Karin Schwartz: From the Board Room to the Gridiron

The other side of CEO Karin Schwartz

This May will mark the end of Springboard CEO Karin Schwartz’s 14 seasons of coed football.  Is this her last season? There’s been talk about Karin hanging up her cleats for good, but will she really do it? Only time will tell.

Three years ago, after 22 years of playing lacrosse, Karin hung up her sticks. But even post maternity leave, she continues to play football!

In 1999 Karin joined the Baltimore Sports and Social Club, better known as BSSC, in their 2nd season of coed football, and a few years later moved her team to Sobo Sports.  Karin and her team play football in both the spring and fall and yes, she catches touchdowns.

Karin is not your typical CEO.

She’s played in the “mud bowl,” where she broke her foot and still continued to play for a full year before she even knew it was broken. And even after that, she cheered her team on in the playoffs from the sidelines…on crutches after having her foot surgically repaired.  She’s played in tournaments in M&T Bank Stadium  – the last tournament, her team of 5 men and 3 women went to the final four against teams with no female representation (Karin even scored a couple touchdowns on some of the guys).

Not many CEOs can say all that.

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