Patience: It’s the Key to a Solid Business Development Strategy

Patience. It is one of the most important virtues any salesperson can possess. Without it, you may try to push a sale before it’s ready to happen. This is the kiss of death for any salesperson.

Remember, sometimes you can hit it off immediately with someone and the sale happens immediately. Other times, it can take months to properly develop a solid business relationship. A good salesperson will be able to tell exactly when it is time to push as sale. You need to let the process fully run its course. Otherwise, you risk losing the sale.

Business is all about Building Relationships!

Patience is the key to building long-term business relationship. As a salesperson, it takes time to get to know your prospect’s wants, needs, and desires. Then and only then, once you have built a strong business relationship, should you even think about trying to make a sale.

Patience Pays Off!

Remember, a single sale is nice, but steady business is the key to long-term success. And relationships build long term business. Organizations that utilize a relationship building approach to sales have a competitive edge over their rivals. It has been said that 80% of an organization’s business comes from 20% of its customers, those satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.

Springboard Understands Business Development!

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Springboard offers outsourced sales solutions for businesses in the professional services arena. Our approach to business development makes it easy to find new clients without the financial burden of an in-house business developer.

At Springboard we know sales!

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