Don’t Talk Yourself Out of a Sale

Do you ever feel like there is something lost in translation during your sales presentations? Do you need someone in your firm to play translator between you and your prospect?

Too often, sales presentations are riddled with technical jargon that simply confuses your potential client. A study actually found that only 3% of prospects fully understood most of the terms used in the various sales presentations they were given. This is not a very promising statistic.

Are you or someone at your firm guilty of this?

Remember, you are not speaking to your competition. If a prospect knew all of this information already, they wouldn’t need you. So make sure you are speaking the language of the buyer, not your industry or your competition. The same can be said for your website, as well. If the content of your website, collateral or sales presentation is littered with industry jargon you may be needlessly losing prospects.

So don’t make the sales process harder than it already is. Speak in such a way that your prospect will actually understand what you are trying to say to them.

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Language that Kills Sales