Differences Between the Commercial and Federal Markets

The commercial and federal markets are not as different as you may think. In both sectors, the concept is the same; people buy products and services. But there are also several differences, as well. These include:

•      The language of federal contracting is often difficult to interpret

•      Federal buying rules and contract compliance requirements are littered with red tape.

•      Proposal writing is different in the federal market.

•      Once you have a contract with the federal government, figuring out the reporting requirements, how to stay in contract compliance, and which contract clauses are important and which you can more or less ignore is difficult to discern without guidance.

But aside from the red tape and confusing federal contracts, there are two major reasons why many companies find it difficult to do business in the federal market…

1.   Established federal vendors have already built relationships with end users.

2.   The federal market is huge and it can take a company upwards of a year or more to find the right opportunities.

If you can’t get your foot in the door, you can’t make that all-important sale.

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